10 best Single door refrigerator in India 2022

best Single door refrigerator in India


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Do you want to buy the best Single door refrigerator for your small family? Or maybe you are looking for an extra storage refrigerator with a little freezer compartment? As you know, summer is about to start now.

All want to drink cold water to quench their thirst during this season. On the other hand, food or vegetables are more likely to be wasted in extreme heat at this time. To mention that, there are so many fridges available in the market.

Choosing the right one to suit your needs within budget is challenging. Considering all these matters, nowadays, such single door refrigerators are winning the hearts of every Indian. If you want to have such one and don’t know how to pick the best refrigerator in India, then don’t worry and go through the entire content.

Here we present the 10 best single door refrigerators in India, the brand products for your convenience within a limited budget with all the necessary features, details, and advantages, including pros and cons. Let’s get started.

10 best single door refrigerators in India 2020

Let’s talk about the 10 best single door refrigerator for your kitchen. It is you who can make the right decision. Therefore, everyone has their own purpose to buy a single door refrigerator.

1. Aisen 195 liters direct cool Single Door Refrigerator

Aisen best Single door refrigerator

Are you looking for a unique single door refrigerator to keep you fresh during hot weather? Don’t bother yourself too much because this refrigerator from the brand Aisen comes with elegant looking and direct cooling technology. Not only that, but this spacious fridge also has some other mind-blowing features for your convenience.

Special features

Now, its time to know the real features and benefits that we found. Just check all the single door refrigerators with different styles and functions.

1.Quick performance

Most importantly, this fridge offers you direct cool technology that helps to cool vegs, food, drinks, and other condiments in the refrigerator quickly within a short period.

Prevent electrical damage

No more worry about voltage fluctuations. Because this fridge will support you with Its Stabilizer Free Operation which works very steadily and reliably and prevents electrical damage or shorting. If the voltage rises too much, it automatically cuts the power. You don’t need to buy several stabilizers.
Unique design

Most of the refrigerators don’t have the facility of removing GasketGasket so that the food inside remain unhygienic and unclean. This one offers a gasket that helps to maintain proper hygiene with the GasketGasket removing facility and keep your diet intact.

Various food storing zone with toughened glass

Also, it comes with 3 separate compartments having spacious depth. Shelves are made with toughened glasses that make it convenient for you to store heavy pots or so many vegetables, fruits, and other food items.

Product details

Freezer capacity19 liters
Item dimension54cm x 66.5 cm x 1.16 meters
Deforest typeDirect cool
Other features3-star energy rating, a fresh zone for vegetables, multiple shelves adjustment, additional storage inside the door, door lock 
Special featuresStabilizer Free Operation
Product Warranty1 year
Compressor warranty10 year
  • Faster cooling
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to wash
  • Spacious and convenient to use
  • Maintain proper hygiene.
  • Ample storage space
  • Strong build quality
  • Manual defrosting
  • Available with one color

2. Whirlpool 190 liters direct cold Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool Single Door Refrigerator

If you are a family of 3-4 members, this 3star energy rating one door refrigerator can be an ideal choice for you. More specifically, this extra-large freeze comes with some unique features that are rare in most of the lockers.

Special features

Robust recessed handle, 2 shelves (wire), two adjustable pair of front Leveling Legs to adjust the height of the Refrigerator are here as per the requirement of the customers.

9 hours of cooling retention

Do you think about the back up of your fridge? Then, say Goodbye to your worry. Because this one is going to provide you with 9 hours of cooling retention even during power cuts with the advanced insulated capillary technology.

A large storage facility with separate options

How to organize too many vegetables, food, and even drinks on the freeze in the right way? If you are tensed about that, then this appliance is for you.

Here you find extra space, large food storage facility, extra-large vegetable crisper, separate space for carrying large bottle up to 2 liters, and quick chill zone.

Stabilizer free operation

For your convenience, this freeze also comes with stabilizer free service to prevent electrical damage or shortening all the time.

Auto connecting power option

Notably, in this Refrigerator, you will find the easy way of connecting your freeze to the home inverter with an auto-connecting system that ensures consistent cooling.

Product details
TypeTop freezer refrigerator
colorBlack, blue, gray and wine
Energy consumption203 units
Weight 40kg
Item dimensionWidth (cm) 53.6 Depth (cm) 61.5   Height (cm) 119.1,,

Deforest typeDirect cool
ShelfToughened glass
Other featuresMax bottle storage – 2 dedicated door racks chill up to three 2L-bottles and five 1L-bottles, extra cold freezer, large vegetable crisper, door lock
Special featuresStabilizer Free Operation, Honeycomb lock- in technology
Product Warranty1 year on product
Compressor warranty5 years on compressor
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Extra-large storage for food
  • Good looking
  • Prone to scratches.

3. Haier 170 liters direct cold single-Door Refrigerator

Haier single-Door Refrigerator

This Refrigerator has elegant features and comes with a refined set of standards to meet your family’s requirements.

Special features

Although it has almost all the features that I have mentioned above, the most unique part of this product is 1-hour icing technology and PUF insulation.

1-hour Ice technology

If you want to prepare a chilled and refreshed drinks in no time, this freeze will support you highly. As it is produced with 1-hour ice technology that makes your food or drinks cold within a short period.

 Keep intact your cooling:

Moreover, this freeze is equipped with 6.5 cm PUF insulation that keeps the cooling intact and helps save energy.

Stabilizer free operation:

As mentioned above, you don’t need any separate stabilizer for your freeze because this one also can save your fridge from electrical fluctuation.

Steel front and toughened glass shelves:

Turning to, now you can easily keep the food of heavyweight without any worry as it has toughened glass shelve to store all types of dense food. Hence, it is built with steel to the front side for a glossy appearance.

Removing gasket for preventing germ:

 Keep your freeze always germ-free and odor-free as it comes with anti-fungal gasket that eventually protects your food from all kinds of fungal infection at the same time very convenient to wash as it is separable.

        Product details:

Typesingle door
colorBrushline Silver/Dazzel Steel
Capacity195 liters
Energy consumption135 – 290 V
Item dimension121.8cmx62.8cmx53cm (hide X depth X wide)
Deforest typeDirect cool
ShelfToughened glass
Fresh food capacity120kg
Energy rating5 stars
Other featuresDefrost button, variant spaces for keeping food, water tray to prevent leaking
Special featuresStabilizer Free The operation, 1hour ice technology,Environmentally friendly gas
Warranty1 year on product10 years on compressor
  • Work without stabilizer
  • Energy efficient
  • Good storage capacity
  • Little bit imbalanced
  • Sidewall gets heat

4. Godrej 190 L direct cold Single-Door Refrigerator:

Godrej 190

This single door product from the brand Godrej has all those necessary features that meet the demand of most of the consumers, which are ideal for 2-3 members.

Godrej invented the first Refrigerator in India in 1958. Since then, Godrej Appliances has been innovating the best in class refrigerators.

Special features:

Ensure proper temperature:

This Refrigerator has two shelves featuring two air vents for passing air properly to cool your freeze all around.

Store vegetable unconditionally:

Not only that, but it also has a spacious vegetable tray for storing extra vegetables and fruits according to your wishes.

Intact the freshness of your food:

The aroma lock feature helps you to keep the freshness of the food entire for a long time without emitting any harmful CFC, HCFC, or HFC transmissions.

Elsewhere, super removal gasket in the door also ensures proper food hygiene, protecting the food from all types of germs and infection that I mentioned earlier.

Larger space for bottle:

Don’t worry anymore about keeping the bottle in your freeze. Because it is equipped with a dedicated aqua space indoor shelf to store large containers up to 2.25liters.

Larger freezer:

Another most significant feature of this product is 27.2 liters freezer, which allows you to make ice conveniently and store frozen food.

 Product details:

Typesingle door
ColorRoyal Blue
Capacity190 liters
Annual Energy consumption210- kilowatt hours
Item dimension Height 1247 mm X Depth680 mm X Width618 mm
Deforest typeDirect cool
ShelfWires shelf
Fresh food capacity162.8 liters
Energy rating3stars as per the 2019 BEE energy rating system.  (energy saving up to 35%)
Other featuresEnvironment- friendly, Aqua space, bright LED light, deep bottom chiller
Special featuresLarge vegetable tray with a toughened glass cover
Product Warranty1 year
Compressor Warranty10 years
  • More storage spaces
  • Support without electricity
  • Satisfactory performance
  • Less gap between two trays
  • Little bit noisy

5Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (170 L):

Haier Direct Cool

However, its diamond edge technology with a glossy look makes sure that the ice formation is still firm, ensuring better cooling efficiency, which let you buy this at a glance.

Haier is leading as the world’s one of the best brands of major household appliances. Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (170 L, 3 star) is one of them which carries most of the features, as I mentioned.

Special features:

 Offer the best cooling:

Above all, if you want to have the best cooling experience, this refrigerator is for you. It performs effortlessly to keep your food cold and fresh with its diamond edge technology.

More storage:

Further, it serves you with 170-liter storage capacity inside the freeze for storing more food, including vegetables, processed foods, drinks, fruits, dairy products, and many more.

Scratch-resistant with unique building quality:

The refrigerator from Haier comes with a leather finish cabinet to make it scratch resistance and gives a leather look.

Keep your food intact:

Additionally, it also has the Anti-fungal door gasket that prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the fridge.

Product details:

TypeDirect cool one door refrigerator
colorBurgandy Red
Capacity170 liters
Energy rating3 stars
Unit consumption per year208
Minimum voltage150-290v
Weight 29kg
Item dimension103.7cmx56.7cmx48.7cm
Deforest typeDirect cool
Shelfwired shelves
Other featuresStabilize free, efficient operation, door lock, high capacity, water tray, free standing
Special featuresDiamond edge freezer technology, leather finish cabinet
Product warranty1 year on product
Compressor warranty5 years
  • Ideal for a small family
  • Fit to the corner of the house
  • Little bit noisy
  • Available with only one color

6.Whirlpool 200 L direct cold Single Door Refrigerator

.Whirlpool 200 L

If you want to add extra beauty to your refrigerator, including other features, this product from the brand Whirlpool will best suit you with its marvelous design and outlook.

Special features:

Highly supportive even during a power cut:

 This new Ice Magic range of refrigerators, with the 6TH SENSE PowerCool Technology and Insulated Capillary Technology, carries the refrigerant from the compressor to the freezer, which is surrounded by super cold gas.

It keeps the cooling lock inside and retains it for up to 12 hours. So, you can enjoy cold beverages during long power cuts.

Cooling vent:

Another significant thing that retains the cooling for a long time is a cooling vent that helps to passes the air in a laminar flow for excellent & uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator.

Faster ice making:

All the mentioned technology altogether fastens the freeze to get ice swiftly, which makes this refrigerator unique than any other product in its class.

Auto-connect inverter technology:

If the power is cut off, this freeze connects to the home inverter automatically, which helps to deliver consistent cooling and maintaining the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

Intellisense inverted technology:

The thing to mention that it adapts the cooling according to the internal load reducing energy consumption. As a result, it can automatically connect to the home inventor even during the power cut.

      Product details:

TypeDirect cool one door refrigerator
colorWine Iris
Capacity200 liters
Energy rating5 stars
Unit consumption per year132-kilowatt hour
Voltage230 volts
Freezer capacity14 liters
Fresh food capacity  6 liters
Weight 38kg
Item dimensionHeight (mm)1247 X width(mm)536 X depth(mm)619
Deforest typeDirect cool
ShelfToughened glass
Other featuresHoneycomb moisture lock crisper cover, extra-large crisper, 12-hour milk preservation
Special features12 hours cooling retention, stabilizer free operation, Number 1 ice making
Product warranty1 year
Compressor warranty5 years
  • Extra-large storage
  • Quick icing
  • Little bit shaky

7.Mitashi 100 L 2 direct cold Single Door Refrigerator:

Mitashi 100 L

For the family of small members, this tiny one door refrigerator is the best one. It has almost all the crucial features as compared to other fridges.

In addition, it is more convenient for you with all the unique functions as manual defrost, mechanical temperature control, small freezer compartment, adjustable leg, and so on.

Special features:

Higher performance with faster cooling:

Firstly, in this refrigerator, you find the use of the R600A refrigerant that give a higher performance in speedier cooling, excellent thermodynamic performance causing lower environmental impacts and 0% ozone depletion potential.

Separate space for bottle:

Although being tiny, it does not lag behind in providing you the facility for storing tall drinking bottles, milk, and juices in the fridge door conveniently.

Inbuild stabilizer:

Notably, it also comes with stabilizer technology for assuring the balance of power fluctuations while keeping the cooling and performance intact.

More ice making compartment:

Also, it has a separate freezer compartment for making ice or something else.

Manual functions:

For your advantages, it brings two types of manual tasks. One is manual defrost that helps you to save up to 40% of your energy consumption, and the other one is the manual temperature where you can control the temperature of your fridge according to the weather.

  Product details:

TypeDirect cool one door refrigerator
Capacity100 liters
Energy rating2 stars
Unit consumption per year235 kWh/year 
Freezer capacity7 liters
 Fresh food capacity2 liters
Weight 19.75kg
Item dimensionHeight(mm)825xwidth(mm)455xdepth(mm)510
Deforest typeDirect cool
ShelfWired shelves
Other featuresIce tray
Special featuresManual defrost Button, mechanical temp control system, shining silver color, adjustable
Product warranty1 year
Compressor warranty5 years
  • Well functioned
  • Supercooling
  • Value for money
  • Slow cooling

8. Samsung 192 L direct cold Single Door Refrigerator

Samsung 192 L

Special features:

Stylish looking:

The most attractive part of the refrigerator is its fantastic design with the crown door, simultaneously the handle is elegantly designed with bar chrome gives it a radiant and stylish look and makes it fit for all rooms.

Save your kitchen space:

The second unique part of this freeze is a base stand drawer where you can easily store onion and potatoes or some other vegs at room temperature. It is a convenient place for storing all types of vegetables or food without cooling. Use it and save your kitchen space.

Stabilizer free operation:

Elsewhere, this freeze doesn’t disappoint you in protecting your fridge from all types of electrical fluctuation that work very steadily and reliably.

Large box for vegetables:

Although being small in size, this freeze supports you much in offering large vegetable boxes for storing all of your fresh vegetables and fruit at a time.

Clean the backside easily:

Now you can clean the backside of your freeze quickly, which is entirely smooth and safe covered for vital coils and cables. This scratch-resistant freeze stops dirt from collecting around components and protects them from knocks

 Product details:

TypeDirect cool one door refrigerator
colorSaffron Red
Energy rating2 stars
Unit consumption per year203 kWh/year
Freezer capacity25 liters
 Fresh food capacity167 liters
Weight 34.5kg
Item dimension Height1260mm X Width580 mm X Depth656 mm
Deforest typeDirect cool
ShelfToughened glass
Other featuresAnti-bacterial gasket, key lock, Toughened glass shelves
Special featuresBase stand with drawer, bar chrome handle
Product warranty1 year
Compressor warranty10 years
  • Praiseworthy quality
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Best for the price
  • Gets heat on both sides
  • No inverter

9. LG 190 L Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator:

If you are a bachelor or if you have a small family of 3-4 members, this freeze is perfect for you. LG presents 190 liters direct cold single door refrigerator.

It comes with several mind-blowing features including 4-star energy efficiency, inbuild inverter technology, stabilizer free operation, Lattice type box cover, and smart connection.

Special features

Save electricity with smart inverter technology:

LG brings quick inverter compression for saving your power, super silent operation as well as stabilizer free operation at a voltage range of 90~310V for preventing electric complexity.

Connect to the home inventor:

Power cuts are not a problem anymore because this fridge runs on the home inverter and consume power less than 2 CFL bulbs. It helps to connect your refrigerator to home inverter in case of power cuts.

Make ice faster:

It can make faster ice in 108 minutes. Now, you easily enjoy the party during the summer.

Contain the moisture nicely:

This fridge’s superlattice box helps to maintain humidity at an optimum level when moisture from stored food is concentrated and then condensed on the lattice.

  Product details:

TypeDirect cool one door refrigerator
colorScarlet Plumeria 
Energy rating4star rated as per 2020 BEE rating
Unit consumption per year131 kWh/year
Freezer capacity10 liters
 Fresh food capacity180liters
Weight 31kg
Item dimensionNet Height1172mmXNet Depth 633mmXNet Width534mm
Deforest typeDirect cool
ShelfSpill-proof toughened glass shelves
Other featuresToughened glass, anti-bacterial gasket
Special featuresStabilizer, inbuild inverter,
Product warranty1 year
Compressor warranty10 years
  • Works for more than 36 hours without power
  • High efficiency
  • Consumes less power
  • Little bit short
  • No onion tray

10. Koryo 225 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator:

Koryo 225 L

This refrigerator with a sophisticated and active compressor meets all your requirements. Including first ice-making, stabilizer free operation, eco-friendly refrigerant, large vegetable basket, and chiller trey, ample bottle storage, bright LED light, and so on.

Koryo by Big Bazaar is an Indian lifestyle brand launched in 2006 that always offers an array of home improvement appliances, including LED televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, wine chillers, chest freezers, water dispenser and many more.

Special features:

High capacity refrigerator:

It is 225liters single door refrigerator that ensures large food storage with different options for storing food.

Make ice within 1 hour:

It is built with one-hour ice technology for offering you ice within a short period.

Large chiller tray:

Another attractive feature of the product is a large chiller where you can keep food for more cooling than the fresh food compartment but not for freezing.

Retain the humidity of the vegetables:

For keeping your plants clean and retaining the necessary moisture around your plants and food, humidity control crisper system is essential. Here you will find this feature undoubtfully.

      Product details:

TypeDirect cool one door refrigerator
Energy rating3 stars
Unit consumption per year220kwh/year
Freezer capacity25 liters
 Fresh food capacity200liters
Weight 125kg
Item dimensionHeight1280mmXwidth592mmXdepth640mm
Deforest typeDirect cool
Shelftoughened glass
Other featuresToughened glass, drip tray, the clear back design, 2l bottle storage, R600a Eco-friendly refrigerant
Special featuresLarge storage, stabilizer free operator, 1-hour ice making
Product warranty1 year
Compressor warranty5 years
  • Best product per price
  • Faster ice making
  • No need separate stabilizer
  • No inbuild inverter

Final words

Now you are no more in a dilemma in choosing the perfect refrigerator for you. We have finished just now how to pick the best refrigerator in India. 

All the information, details features, and description with the pro’s cons will definitely help you to choose the right one. Don’t be late and enjoy your summer with cold water and food.


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