5 Tips To Select The Best Water Purifier In India For Home


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In situations like the ones prevailing,  water-borne diseases are escalating in India at a rapid pace. And,water is an essential to survive and thus purification of water becomes necessary to stay healthy and stay away from getting sick frequently.  With the sumptuous option of water purifiers selecting the onebest water purifier in India for home becomes a hectic task. All the top brand water air purifier  use the latest technology which is known to filter out the impurities like rust, pesticides, bacteria, or viruses while keeping intact the natural elements that are useful.

What should be the best purifier in India for home?

The ideal water purifier should be able to remove both the dissolved as well as the suspended impurities that somehow enter the water molecules. Some of the features that it should have are the change of filter alarm, automatic operation, and any top brand water air purifier that will work efficiently and give a longer period of service while retaining the natural essentials of water locked


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The capacity of water purifier

Generally, all the water purifiers come with a storage container that can store the filtered water. If you are living in a nuclear family then 5-7 liters of storage is enough. The purifiers which have automatic filtration start the process of filtering again as soon as the water level goes below a certain level. And, if you have a medium or large family then the best purifier in India for home is the one with 10 liters of capacity.

Electrically operated or not?

All the purifiers that are gravity based do not require any electricity to operate but are also a little less efficient than the electrically operated purifiers. If you are residing in a place where the flow of power is consistent then you can go for an ultrafiltration purifier which does not require electricity to operate. The reverse osmosis, ultraviolet or the combination of the two require electricity to work and have a maintenance cost to be more.

The after sale service or maintenance

Usually, all the UV or RO purifier comes with filter change alarm or bulb change alarm and the maintenance of the water purifiers is a necessity. The alarms fit in these purifiers will notify you once there is a need to change or clean the filters or else if this is not done timely, the purifiers may seven-stop working. So one should go for the top brand water air purifier that comes with a fail-safe mechanism and also with excellent after-sales support.

Ratings, warranty, and installation

The brands with the best purifier in India for a home give the process of installation for free with at least a year’s warranty of the purifier. But, there are some companies that can charge a heavy amount for installation, so beware of that and choose the brand which also proves to be beneficial after you have purchased the purifier. And, go for the purifier with 4 star or more rating.

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Water Purifier buying guide


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