A pressure cooker is the need of every kitchen. No matter how poor or rich a family is, a pressure cooker is an integral part. It helps in easy and early cooking without affecting the taste of the food. It makes the dishes more delicious. However, there are multiple brands that promise of providing the Best steel Pressure Cooker in India. Let us have a look at them.

What are the top pressure cooker brands in India?

Multiple leading brands provide steel cookers in India. Some of them are – 

  • Prestige
  • Hawkins
  • Butterfly
  • Pigeon

These brands have a healthy competition in the market that benefits the consumers with the best price and quality available. Here is the list of the top 5 best steel pressure cookers in India.

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Top 5 best steel pressure cookers in India –

  1. Hawkins stainless steel cooker – It comes in a range of 2- 10 liters that make it consumer-friendly. It has a flat base that makes it compatible with induction as well. 
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  2. Prestige deluxe stainless steel cooker – It comes with an outer-lid facility with a capacity of 6.5L. The handles have double screws for a better grip. Also, it is compatible with both gas and induction. Currently, it is the best pressure cooker in India.
  3. Pristine Tri Ply cooker – With 5-years manufacturing warranty, this cooker comes with an outer-lid feature. It is pre-installed with various safety features. It has a capacity of 1.5Litres.
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  • Elgi Ultra diet pressure cooker – This cooker aids faster cooking without any burning and sticking of the food on the base. It has 10-years of warranty, and it keeps the food warm up to 2hrs. Isn’t that amazing?
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  • Butterfly Blueline Cooker – with 3.5Litres of capacity, this cooker offers fast and energy-efficient cooking. It consists of a thick base that prevents any food from sticking. It has a classic body, and also comes in a 5Litres capacity.
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  • Apart from the brands discussed above, there is another brand that is giving high-rated customer services with the name Familia. Familia aluminum based pressure cooker is highly in-demand right now. The best Familia pressure cooker is FAMILIA FAL 235.

Features of Familia Fal 235 Pressure Cooker – 

  • It comes in 2, 3, and 5Litres capacity.
  • Classic aluminum body
  • Anti-bulging base
  • Heat-proof handle
  • Precision weight valve

Some tips before buying any stainless steel pressure cooker – 

You must check the strength and durability of the cooker beforehand. It should have all the safety valve features. The price offered must match the quality of the product. And finally, the pressure cooker should not be very heavy and must have a desirable warranty period for better consumer experience.

Hence, choose your pressure cooker from the list mentioned above and review us later about your experience with the product.