When it comes to the integrals of a household, the refrigerator tops the list. But, with a varied number of brands coming up with efficient refrigerators that are well-equipped in terms of technology, It becomes difficult to find thebest refrigerator freezer. Also, there are different types of best refrigerator in India which are Direct Cool and Frost-Free and you will have to select the one that suits your household requirements well. And, knowing the difference between the two types does not only mean to know about the basic difference. So, here are the major differences between the direct cool and frost-free refrigerators to help you select the best refrigerator brand in India 2020.

The working mechanism

Direct Cool Refrigerators

In direct cool refrigerators, you wouldn’t have control over the air circulation because the distribution of temperature is not uniform and you will have to press a button to defrost. It works on the natural convection process which leads to the formation of ice and water vapor inside the refrigerator. And, that is the reason why you will be required to do manual defrosting in Direct Cool refrigerators.

Frost-free refrigerators

In frost-free refrigerators, you do not require manual defrosting and in these types of best refrigerator freezer, the food is not in contact with the coils and thus there is no formation of water vapor or ice near the compartment of the freezer. And, that’s why this type is known to be the best refrigerator in India.

Power Consumption

Due to the absence of any external fan, the direct cool refrigerators use less power in comparison to frost-free refrigerators. Contrary to that, Frost-free refrigerators have both a heating system and external fan that leads to higher consumption of power than the direct cool ones.

The food quality

The duration of keeping the food fresh is less in the direct cool refrigerators compared to frost-free refrigerators because the working mechanism of frost-free refrigerators is such that it holds the freshness of the food for a longer period of time. It is recommended to go for the best refrigerator brand in India 2020 which delivers frost-free refrigerators.


It depends on your usage but the direct cool refrigerators require consistent cleaning as the manual defrosting will cause the droplets to form and if not cleaned regularly it can cause food contamination which is not in the case of frost-free best refrigerator freezer.

Heating Issue

Since the process of convection is natural in the direct cool refrigerators, so no issue occurs regarding the heating of external parts. But, in frost-free refrigerators, this issue can occur because of the presence of an external fan and heating system.


In terms of cost, the direct cool refrigerators fall on the economical side in comparison to the frost-free refrigerators. With going for the best refrigerator brand in India 2020 that produces direct cool refrigerators, you will also save on your electricity bill in the future. But, the other features of frost-free refrigerators are increasing its popularity.