With a vacuum cleaner guide, you can easily find the best vacuum cleaner for home in India which is made to fit into your requirements. We all will agree that buying the right vacuum cleaner is a hectic task because of multiple brands selling cheap and best vacuum cleaner in India. When you are planning to buy vacuum cleaner online India, always be sure about the type of cleaning you want to do with it, because there are different varieties of vacuum cleaner depending upon your cleaning needs. And, once you know about the cleaning needs, the second thing that needs to be done is selecting the best vacuum cleaner that suits perfectly for your requirements. Read below about the type of vacuum cleaners and other specifications to keep in mind before buying a vacuum cleaner.

Types of vacuum cleaner

Canister- The canister vacuum cleaner comes with a versatile design and is highly capable of cleaning surfaces that are not easy like underneath the sofa, car foots, and curtains effectively.

Upright-  If you hate bending while cleaning with a vacuum cleaner then upright vacuum cleaner is for you. This is surely not the best vacuum cleaner for home in India, but is in high demand in the foreign countries because they are made to clean all kinds of carpet floors.

Handheld– The best part about the handheld vacuum cleaners is that they have a compact zaize and come handy in indoor cleaning. It is the best for the purposes where a canister vacuum cleaner does not work that effectively.

Stick- Just like the upright vacuum cleaner, stick vacuum cleaner does the same job but has compact size. It can easily reach the tricky places due to its design and clean them effectively.

Robotic- This is just like a robot cleaning your homes. The robotic vacuum cleaner will be thebest vacuum cleaner for home in India because it will automatically clean the floors without human intervention.

Convertible–  A convertible vacuum cleaner is the best of upright, stick, and canister vacuum cleaners  and is made to clean almost every possible surface. But it can be difficult to buy vacuum cleaner in India which are convertible.

Should you go for bagged or bagless cleaners?

The vacuum cleaners that bagged comprise a bag or a dust bag that collects all the dust and the dirt while cleaning your homes and once this gets full, you can either empty the bag and reuse or you can replace the old one with a new one. With a bagged vacuum cleaner there is no risk of exposure to dust.

In comparison to it, a bagless vacuum cleaner comes with an attached plastic container which can be cleared once it is full The filtered bagless cleaners block the dust particles through a filter and the cyclonic bagless cleaner uses the cyclonic power to separate out the dirt and dust.

Not with the clarity about types of vacuum, you can easily select the one which is perfect for your homes.