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We all will agree that no food is complete without a bit of spice in it, and the spices can be as basic as black pepper but the crucial part here is their grinding and crushing process. One has to find the right mixer grinder to get the desired texture of the spices required to be added in a dish and that too without the spice losing its true essence. And, with the presence of sumptuous brands and types of mixer grinder online, at times it becomes a hectic task to select the mixer grinder which is best-suited for your needs.

The mixer grinders should tick the boxes of all the essentials plus the selection is also done on the basis of the client’s reviews and says about that particular brand or grinder. And, one can definitely get the item with their own choice, but it is always better to have full knowledge about the specifications and also about the experience that other people had with that particular mixer grinder.

The specifics for buying a mixer grinder

With the guide given below and a list of specifications that you want, you can definitely get the mixer grinder online or offline that is just perfect for the needs of your kitchen Before selecting the mixer grinder based on the mixer grinder in India price, you should keep into consideration certain aspects of the machine like security, safety, warranty, speed, and machine configuration to make sure that the in the future there are no hindrances faced while working with the mixer grinder.

Now, you will have to understand the difference between the two types of mixer grinder online which are the normal mixer grinder and the juicer mixer grinder. When we are talking about the juicer mixer grinder the extra thing that it has is a container which is used for liquidizing. They are the best combination of the two machines juicer and mixer grinders. So, it is always advised that one should go for a juicer mixer grinder rather than spending extra cash on a separate juicer and a mixer grinder. And, you can also check the mixer grinder in India price to know that there is not much of a difference in their prices.

The safety features which include:

Secure lock system

One should never compromise with the safety measures while choosing a machine that operates electrically and in the case of a mixer grinder you should consider the security lock system before buying it. The security lock ensures that unless and until the jar is not well-bolted in the mixer machine, it will not start working. This prevents the unintentional start of the mixie while your hands are still in the jar or the top of the jar is still open. So, make sure that while purchasing a mixer grinder online, you do not skip the aspect of checking about the security lock system.

The vacuum footing cups

When you look for the best mixer grinder online or offline, it is better to go with the mixer grinder that comes with attached vacuum footing cups. And, the reason behind this is that having vacuum footing cups will ensure that the mixer grinder does not descend from the kitchen or table top, making it more secure to work with it. Also, when the jar is loaded with a lot of substance or mixture in it, this feature comes handy in ensuring that it does not cause any slipping moments  while you are handling the overloaded jar.

The overload being programmed

In the prevailing scenario where everyone seems to be in rush, the jar of the mixer grinder is sure to be overloaded and at times it will be overloaded beyond its capacity which can lead to the blasting of the engine in some occurrences. So, in order to maintain a safe zone from these happenings the mixer grinder nowadays are pre-programmed regarding the overload condition of the  jar. It is programmed to work in amber that if the mixer grinder is overloaded it will automatically break the circuit and will not start working which in turn saves the mixer grinder from long-term harms.

The power of the mixie:

The general works of the mixer grinder in the kitchen daily like the crushing of spices, dry pounding, or making dips require not more than 400 watts powered mixer And, you are looking for a grinder that can help you prepare the coarse batter of certain dishes then you will have to check the mixer grinder online which has the engine powered with 750 watts. You should be clear with your needs before buying the appropriate mixer grinder or else you will end up spending on an appliance which you will later realize is just not the one for your needs.

The motor’s speed:

The movement of the edge turns and how sharp it is, is calculated in RPM and in general the range of the RPM of the mixer grinder is kept between 18,000 to 22,000 RPM and for any juicer mixer grinder low to medium RPM is workable. And, even if your mixer grinder comes with high RPM it is always advised to work at a medium speed with your grinder to avoid the glitches that might occur while the grinder is at its maximum speed.

The number of jars:

The general needs of the kitchen can be easily met with the mixer grinder having 3 jars. The one which is of medium size can be used to make the dips, and the one which is small can be used to crush the spices while the large one can be used for the process of squeezing.

The warranty and servicing:

Since a mixer grinder is a technical machine, it ought to wear out in some time. So, whenever you are purchasing an electronic gadget make sure to check its guarantee, warranty, and also whether it has administration Center in your city or not. Having a better warranty will ensure that you have a more refined experience while working with the mixer grinder. And, never go with the appliance that does not give you any guarantee.


So, you can able to understand the main function area of Mixer Grinder. This how to select a Mixer Grinder and if you want to buy a brand new mixer Grinder then must visit our reviews section where we give you 10 Best Air mixer Grinder in India 2020: Fresh reviews.

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