All you need to know about the Best Chimney in India

Best Chimney in India


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Air pollution is one of the main causes of the increasing rate of people with respiratory problems. It is a leading cause of death as well. Apart from outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution is very harmful to household workers. There is a demand for switching to LPG connections altogether to reduce pollution. Even after that, some concern remains for which the chimney has been for the rescue. Here is the list of the Best Chimney in India 

  1. Faber 90cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney – It has a high suction power capacity and comes with a filter that is easy to clean. It is one of the Best Chimney in India because of its price to the product value.
  2. Glen 90cm Heat Auto Clean Chimney – it consists of 2 LED energy-efficient lights with an assistive touch button to operate the chimney. The filter is easy to clean.
  3. Hindware 90cm Auto Clean Chimney – With a 5-years warranty, the chimney comes with a one-touch facility and has metal blowers for better operation. 
  4. Elica 60cm Chimney (Strip CF 60 SS) – It is a best kitchen chimney in India that is power efficient and consumer-friendly. It comes with a powerful motor that provides a high suction capacity.
  5. Glen 60cm Pyramid Kitchen Chimney – with a stylish design, this chimney comes with 2 baffle filters for better output. It has been made up of flame-resistant material and comes with a 7-years warranty. again it is one of the Best Chimney in India right now with low maintenance

Besides, there are famous chimney brands that are mostly liked by the customers.

The Top 10 Best Chimney in India are –

How to buy the Best Chimney in India?

With multiple Brands competing in the field of Chimney product, it becomes difficult for the consumers to choose anyone. Here is a buying guide for you that will assist you in buying the right chimney for your kitchen.

  1. Size– The size of the chimney you choose must match the size of your stove. It will help in getting the maximum benefits of having a chimney.
  2. Brand– Make sure that the chimney you buy is of a renowned Brand that provides good customer service.
  3. Suction Capacity – The chimney must have an outstanding suction capacity.
  4. Noise – check the noise of the chimney before making a purchase. A noisy one disturbs the whole environment.
  5. Warranty – The warranty should not be less than 5-years for experiencing long-term benefits.
  6. Filter – The Filters used in the chimney must be of superior quality and should have the easy to clean facility.

Lastly, Make sure that you buy a chimney that is worth its price. It should have plenty of features along being a consumer-friendly device. The installation charges should be less, and the installer should explain to you the whole operating process in detail.

Things To Keep In Mind For Best Chimney in India

  • Chimney filter types
  • Types kitchen Chimney
  • Chimney Size
  • Chimney Design
  • Chimney Ducking

There 3 total 3 types of Chimney filter type that is described below

  1. Mesh Filter
  2. Baffle Filter
  3. Carbon Filter

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