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This is the most common question that every single person asked? How could I buy an air conditioner? Especially, who don’t have any Idea about electronics devices so we provide you an Guide To Buy An Air Conditioner. Here we have listed you points to be considered before buying an ac / split ac from anywhere including from online shopping platforms such as Amazon.

Let’s start. It’s very important to know about the technology which you want to buy. Without having proper knowledge about the devices that you want to buy you can able to take the right decision.

First of all, we have to know How many parts a Split AC has?

The parts of the Air Conditioner are given below.

  • Indoor unit 
  • Outdoor unit
  • Pipe
  • Remote controls and 
  • Connection wire.

These all are the visual parts of a Split Air condition. If you want to know about the basic functions of an air conditioner. At first, you have to know the function of the inner parts. Let’s take a look at the inner parts of AC and how does it work.

If we think about Split air conditioner inner parts, we have to think of both indoor units’ inner parts and outdoor unit inner parts also. The main parts of a split AC are given below:

  • Evaporator
  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion Valve

Now it’s time to know about the working process of each part. 


The indoor units of the coil which is known as evaporators. The Evaporator just absorbs the heat from the room. As we know that the Evaporator’s main work is to take or collect the room temperature or heat from the room.

The reason is to evaporator coil have to colder is the heat that collects from the room or any other compartment becomes more fluid by the touch of the colder evaporator. Which passes through the Compressor. Now here the Compressor has to play its role. 

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Guide To Buy An Air Conditioner


The compressor has a role to play here which is to increases the pressure of the refrigerants. Not only the compressor has the ability to change the gas pressure but also it collected air from the room into very high pressure and turn it into a gas.

After creating high-pressure hot gas the compressor then sends the gas to the condenser coil.


Here the Condenser exactly does the totally reverse work like Evaporator. The heat is so active in the Condenser coil and the Refrigerant turns into Liquid. As well as there is a Fan which helps to cool the coil.

Expansion Valve

The main role is to cool your room is played by Expansion Valve. The expansion valve controls the refrigerant that collects from the room.

The room temperature is collecting from the room sends to the compressor. The temperature sends to give high pressure by the compressor. After passing through the condenser which is so hot then make it the high-pressure gas into the liquid.

The Expansion valve starts to work after that is the liquid has to pass through high pressure. This high pressure turns liquid into a gas and becomes cool air.

The gas then gets colder than the room temperature and passes through the Evaporator. Which is giving the cooling atmosphere.


So, you can able to understand the main function area of split AC. This is how a split AC works. If you want to buy an air conditioner then you must visit our reviews. Just check out all the air conditioners here, 10 Best Air Conditioner in India : Fresh reviews.


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