Things To Know Before Buying Kitchen Chimney-The Complete Guide For 2021

Buying Kitchen Chimney


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In the ever-changing and technologically developing world, modern kitchens are coming into play a lot more, and thus the modern kitchen gadgets are also in high demand. One of these gadgets is the modern kitchen chimney which is useful in removing the harmful smoke out from your kitchens to avoid any suffocation. The filters present in the kitchen chimneys are created to keep away the greasiness and oil from the kitchens while giving your kitchen a modular look and appealing aesthetics. A modern kitchen with chimney has now become a mandate in the metropolitan cities and is gaining popularity in smaller cities as well. But, when you want to invest money in a chimney, you should be sure about the needs, space, and many other things in the kitchen. So, here is a guide with types of chimneys and some specifications to look for in a chimney.

One of the most common modern kitchen chimney is the wall mounted which is placed against the wall above the cooktop in your kitchen.

Why You Should Buy Modern Kitchen Chimney in India?

Wall-mounted chimney

One of the most common modern kitchen chimneys is the wall-mounted which is placed against the wall above the cooktop in your kitchen.

Island chimney

With kitchens that have the cooktop in the center, the island chimneys are ideal there. They are made to hang from the ceiling above the cooktop

Built-in chimney

This is an ideal modern kitchen gadgetswhich is integrated in the furniture of the kitchen and its accessories are not visible from outside.

Straight-line chimney

If you have space limitation in your kitchen then straight line chimneys are perfect for you. It will not show form outside but will do its work effectively.

Auto clean kitchen chimney

Amodern kitchen with chimney should be like a low-maintenance kitchen, and the auto clean chimneys are the ones with least maintenance. It can be cleaned by pressing the push button, and without any hassle.

The size of the chimney

For your kitchen, the size of your cooktop matters in deciding the size of your chimney. You should go for the chimneys that fit with the size of the cooktop so that it can cover all the oils and smoke and vent it out. A modern kitchen chimney should be a bit larger than the size of the cooktop but not very large as it can lead to more power consumption and distorted visual appeal of the kitchen.

The suction power of the chimney

When you talk about amodern kitchen with chimney, you should know that the suction power of the chimneys depends on the removal of gases and smoke being released in the kitchen. If you go for chimneys with more suction power it will eliminate the maximum gas and smoke but you should also consider the size of your family and the amount of food being cooked.

Ductless or Ducting Chimneys

Among the modern kitchen gadgets, the ducting chimneys are very popular and they have a pipe attached which filters the oil and airborne particles out from the kitchen while in a ductless chimney the air is filtered and circulated again in the kitchen. Also, the installation and maintenance of the ductless chimneys is a little tricky and requires a lot of effort.


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