Why You Should Buy Modern Kitchen Chimney in India?

Modern Kitchen Chimney


Why Modern Kitchen Chimney?

Modern Kitchen Chimney is also known as Kitchen hood or Exhausted hood. Chimney or hood is a very important part of the kitchen to keep the kitchen oil or grease-free and odor-free. As an Indian, we all know that most of our food‘s main ingredients are oil and spices.

Especially in festive days – Christmas or New Year, food preparation in the house will be on a mass scale, where the need of modern kitchen chimneys raises to beat smoke, grease, and odor.

With our best buy guide listing points to consider before and while buying modern kitchen chimneys, you can choose the right choice to fit in your home.

During cooking, there are oil particles and grease and smoke dust make a stain on our tiles and kitchen roof as well as dishes and furniture also if we don’t use a chimney. A chimney is as important as the gas stove for cooking and keeps kitchen stain free.

Modern Kitchen Chimney adds special features to the Auto cleaning process and stylish futuristic design. Now your kitchen looks smart with stain-free neat and clean which enhances your standard of living one level up.

Why do you need to buy 60 cm chimney for the kitchen? Just follow these benefits and you will understand the reason.

Six benefits of using 60 cm chimney in Kitchen?

  • To protect kitchen tiles, marble or wood from sticky grease and oil.
  • To keep kitchen wall, ceiling, cabinet, and furniture blackish-color-free.
  • To keep your kitchen and rooms Cooking odor and smoke-free.
  • To keep your kitchen neat and clean.
  • To add a smart look to your kitchen.
  • To Prevent sneezing irritation during cooking.

Do you know about the function of modern kitchen chimneys?


  • Suction capacity: The more suction capacity of the chimney can have the ability to clean the kitchen rapidly. The suction capacity of a kitchen chimney may vary brand-wise. The capacity starts from 700m3/Hr -1200m3/hr.
  • Motor Power: The strong motor power can give the chimney to work silently and efficiently.
  • Ducting: The ducting system is very important to pass throw the smoke from the kitchen to the outside, there are many brands that give long pipe which can be aluminum or PVC for ducting.
  • Ductless: Ductless is to recycle the polluted air into the fresh air and turn it back into the kitchen, Ductless system is more efficient and it gives kitchen smart look.
  • Thermal Auto clean: This auto-clean process can able to collect the oil particles, grease vapor and odor from the kitchen while cooking. Turn it liquid send it to the oil collector cup. You don’t have to worry about the clog and durability of the chimney.
  • Filters: Filters can collect the oil particles, grease, smoke dust and vapor from the cooking smoke turn it into liquid and pass throw the air only to outside for ducting system.
  • Oil collector: The oil collector cup collects all the polluted things from the smoke and fumes and keeps it in a cup for cleaning.

What would be the parts of a modern kitchen chimneys?

Modern Kitchen Chimney
Modern Kitchen Chimney


Modern Kitchen Chimney has different types with several functions. Before you decide to buy a 60 cm chimney you have to know the function of Kitchen chimney. This article can help to know about the modern kitchen chimney.

You also can visit our reviews in 9 Best 60 cm Chimney in India  reviews: Must read before buy. By which you can get more information about the best kitchen chimneys in India.

So, without wasting any time lets check out the reviews and buy a kitchen chimney for your hassle-free cooking.

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