Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machines – Which is the better one for Home?


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Are you perplexed about the type of washing machine that you should bring home? So, here is a comparison between the top load washing machines and front load washing machines, to facilitate the task of selecting the best washing machines in India.

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Design of the machine

It is all about the way you load the clothes in your washing machine and that is exactly what is different in terms of design. The drum in the front load washing machines is placed horizontally and it also has a motor behind it while in the top load washing machine the drum is placed vertically with the motor being underneath it.

Water for washing

Talking about the front load machine, it does not need a good quality of water because the drum gives back the clothes to water and this is one of the major advantages of a front load washing machine. While the top load washing machines use thrice the quantity of water as compared to front-load machines.

Water for rinsing

Like for washing, the top load washing machines use a lot of water rinsing the clothes while the front load washing machines only drizzle the water when the drum is rotating. Hence, front load washing machines are the best washing machines in India.

Capacity of the machine

The aspect that increases the capacity of the front load washing machine is the absence of an agitator. Since there is no agitator present in the front load machine, there is more capacity to put clothes in it than the top load washing machines.

Efficiency in terms of energy

If we talk about the durability, then, the front load washing machines operate properly for more number of years than the top loading machines but with a slower rate of speed. Thus, front load machines fall in the category of being energy-efficient.

Life of clothes

The use of agitators in the top load machines make the clothes turn and twist a lot which can reduce the lifespan of the clothes and deteriorate the quality of fabric. Instead, the front load machines do not have any agitators and it retains the quality and life of the clothes.

Convenient to use

Are you suffering from any issues related to your back or knee? If yes, then, do not go for the front load machines as you will have to bend in order to put in the clothes. While the top load washing machines have the advantage here as the clothes can be stuffed by standing and do not require any bending.

The Price

One of the most crucial things you should keep into consideration before buying the best washing machines in India is their prices. You should not end up spending a good amount of money on a machine which is probably not the best for you. Thus, you should keep in mind the above-stated comparison before buying washing machines. And, the front load washing machines fall on the expensive side to the advanced features and top load machines are more economical.

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