How To Select The Best Pressure Cooker In India ?


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The right size of your pressure cooker

You should be very careful when it comes to choose Best Pressure Cooker In India with the size of the pressure cooker or it can turn out to be problematic in terms of use. With a small cooker, you will face the issue of cooking multiple times and with large cookers, you can face the issue of more fuel requirement and longer time of cleaning. Thus, the size of your family should be the deciding factor to buy Best Pressure Cooker In India . If you live in a nuclear family, you should go with a 3 liters cooker and if you have a joint or large family, 5 or 7.5 liters of capacity will be the best steel cooker in india. Also, the pressure cooker brands in india have designed pressure cookers for cooking foods for babies which comes with a capacity of 1 or 1.5 liters.


The types of pressure cooker

Hard Anodized Cooker

  • Light in weight and a good conductor of heat
  • The durability level is good and retains the luster for many years
  • Keeps food healthy as it does not react with acidic ingredients
  • It is resistant to corrosion and can be easily cleaned
  • Avoid metal scrubs for cleaning them
  • They fall on the expensive side of pressure cookers

best steel cooker in india

  • Not the best conductor of heat and is also a bit heavy
  • The best steel pressure cooker in India are durable and will retain their shine for years
  • Does not react to acidic ingredients
  • It is corrosion-resistant but can get stained easily
  • You can use metal scrubs to remove stains
  • Also, on the expensive side of pressure cookers

Aluminium Pressure Cooker

  • One of the best conductors of heat and is also light in weight
  • But it is not the best pressure cooker in Indiaas it is not highly durable and the luster also goes off by time
  • It is known to be reactive towards the acidic ingredients
  • Prone to both corrosion and staining
  • Metal scrubs can be used
  • It is economical

Induction Compatible

If you are using Induction Cooktops then, before buying pressure cookers you should check if they are meant for induction cooking or not. The best pressure cooker brands in India are making cookers with the bottoms which are ideal for both gas top as well as induction top cooking.

Is it dishwasher friendly?

Nowadays many families have modular kitchens which consist of a dishwasher. And if you are using a dishwasher for cleaning utensils then do not go for the hard-anodized cooker as they are not compatible with dishwashers. Rather, go with the aluminum or stainless steel pressure cookers as they can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

Warranty of the pressure cooker

When you are investing your money in a good quality pressure cooker, you should always invest in Cheap and best pressure cooker brands in India that have a longer warranty period. More years of warranty mean a better quality product. Also, carefully read about the replacement and refund terms and conditions.

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